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    RC Bearings RC轴承

    Our rc bearings can be applied to almost all RC model car wheel, trucks, heli.我们的rc轴承可应用于几乎所有的RC模型车轮,卡车,heli。 These brands include Xmods Tamiya Traxxas Mugen Associated Team Losi Kyosho OFNA HPI COX Duratrax Futaba Yokomo etc.这些品牌包括Xmods Tamiya Traxxas Mugen相关团队Losi Kyosho OFNA HPI COX Duratrax Futaba Yokomo等

    W1 Metric Size Bearings公制尺寸的轴承
    W2 Inch Size Bearings英制轴承
    20143141016373225528 Engine Bearings发动机轴承
    20143141017247083926 Motor Bearings电机轴承
    20143141020526684710 Thrust Bearings推力轴承
    20143141021312334124 One Way Bearings单向轴承


    Size: all rc bearings of inner dimension 1 mm – 30 mm 尺寸:内径1mm - 30mm的所有rc轴承

    Closures: metal shielded, rubber seals, teflon seals, open 密封件:金属屏蔽,橡胶密封件,特氟隆密封件,开口

    Material : chrome steel, stainless steel, hybrid ceramic rc bearing 材质 :铬钢,不锈钢,混合陶瓷rc轴承

    ABEC Grades : ABEC Grades 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 are available. ABEC等级 :ABEC可提供1,3,5,7和9等级。 Also, the equivalent ISO classes.此外,等效的ISO类。

    Why do you choose to purchase 烈力's hobby bearings ? 你为什么选择购买莉莉的爱好轴承?

    As we know, numerous chinese suppliers of hobby wheel bearing can be found on the Internet for any client.据我们所知,许多中国供应商的爱好车轮轴承可以在互联网上找到任何客户。 It seems, every supplier will state that they are your best choice.看来,每个供应商都会说他们是你最好的选择。 Why do you choose to purchase lily's rc miniature bearing?为什么选择购买莉莉的rc微型轴承? The answers are as follows.答案如下。

    1. Quality guarantee Every bearing for rc will be strictly tested before delivery.质量保证每个rc轴承在交货前都会经过严格测试。 Our test controllers will check all the functions of every rc ball bearings.Every bearings for rc you buy has went through integrated production and strict test.我们的测试控制器将检查每一个rc球轴承的所有功能。您购买的rc轴承已通过集成生产和严格测试。
    2. Price Although our quality is very reliable, the price of lily' rcbearings is quite low.价格尽管我们的质量非常可靠,但百合的价格却相当低廉。 Due to the huge output and strict management, our cost is reduced.由于产量巨大,管理严格,降低了成本。 So we can supply every client with the most competitive price.Please notice that we are professional manufacturer, not the distributor, you can get more profit if you direct buying from us.因此,我们可以为每个客户提供最具竞争力的价格。请注意,我们是专业制造商,而不是分销商,如果您直接从我们这里购买,您可以获得更多利润。
    3. Package Generally, we have our own standard for package, if you have special requirements, we can also satisfy you, we always try our best to meet the needs of our customer.包装一般来说,我们有自己的包装标准,如果您有特殊要求,我们也可以满足您,我们会尽力满足客户的需求。
    4. Production capacity So far, our output for rc miniature bearings is 20,000pcs per day.生产能力到目前为止,我们的rc微型轴承产量为每天20,000件。 We are one of the biggest manufacturer for rc stainless steel bearing in China No matter how big your order is, we can deliver items in a short time.我们是中国最大的rc不锈钢轴承制造商之一。无论订单有多大,我们都可以在短时间内交付产品。
    5. After-sales service I believe this is a concerned question for every client.售后服务我相信这是每个​​客户都关心的问题。 At present, our customers include some famous manufacturer of rc car, and hundreds of distributor, we will never ignore any requirements of our customer, reputation is of great importance to us.目前,我们的客户包括一些着名的rc汽车制造商,以及数百名经销商,我们永远不会忽视我们客户的任何要求,声誉对我们非常重要。
    6. Stock With over 200,000 rc car ball bearings in stock and over 1,000 FULL small rc bearings sets available right now you can be confident we will have the rc wheel bearings for your needs库存拥有超过200,000个库存的rc汽车滚珠轴承和超过1,000个完整的小型rc轴承套件现在您可以确信我们将为您的需求提供rc轮毂轴承